How to Catch Crappie at Night in Winter?

Winter nights are a great time for crappie fishing. I know, I know… It’s a crappie behave very differently during winter nights, but with the right know-how, you can catch a lot of crappie during winter nights. So, here I’ll explain how crappie behave in winter nights, give you tips to catch them, and suggest … Read more

Kayak Crappie Fishing: Full Guide

Kayak crappie fishing is one of the most enjoyable fishing experience. But, with a multitude of resources available, how do you pinpoint the most effective strategies for this distinctive style of angling? In this comprehensive guide, I’ll navigate the waters of kayak crappie fishing, shedding light on its nuances, benefits, and how it measures up … Read more

What Pound Test Fishing Line for Crappie Is Best?

Crappie fishing is a popular pastime for many anglers since the fish are very easy to catch and they put up a good fight when caught, making the process very fun. When it comes to selecting the pound test for the fishing line when catching crappie, though, there appears to be a bit of a confusion. … Read more